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  • 2 Days (8 Hours/day)


Day Topics – Using Hadoop’s Core
Day 1 HDFs: What it is, and how it works Demo + Lab
Analytics overview
Install the MovieLens dataset into HDFS using the Ambari UI/Using the command line
MapReduce: What it is, and how it works
Installing Python, MR Job, and nano
Programming Hadoop with Pig
Introducing Ambari
Introducing Pig/More Pig Latin
Programming Hadoop with Spark
Why Spark?
The Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDD)
Datasets and Spark 2.0
Topics – Using Relational/non- Relational Data Stores with Hadoop
Day 2 What is Hive and how Hive works? Demo + Lab
Integrating MySQL with Hadoop
Why NoSQL?
What is HBase
Cassandra Overview
MongoDB Overview
Querying Your Data Interactively
Overview of Drill, Phoenix, and Presto
Setting up Drill, Phoenix, and Presto
Managing Your Cluster
Yarn, Tez, Mesos, Zookeeper, Oozie, Zeppelin and Hue explained
Feeding Data to Your Cluster
Kafka and Flume Explained
Setting up Kafka and Flume
Analyzing Streams of Data
Spark Streaming, Apache Storm and Flink Overview


  • E-kit is not available for custom courses
  • The trainer will provide slides deck(in PDF format), used to deliver theory sessions.
  • Custom lab environment (if applicable) will be available only for training duration.

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