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  • 32 Hours
Day Topics – DS with Python
Day 1 Basic Statistics
Analytics overview Demo
Analytics Methodology Demo
Types of variables Demo
Descriptive Statistics Demo
Inferential Statistics Demo
Sample Problems Lab
Normal Distribution Demo
Probability Theory Demo
Hypothesis Testing Demo
Anova Demo
Sample Problems Lab
Topics – DS with Python
Day 2 Introduction: Why Python for Data Science Demo
Installation process Lab
Useful Packages Demo
Data Types and Data Structures (Lists, Tuples, Dictionary ) Demo
Hands-on Data Structures Lab
Working with Files Demo
Hands-on with Files Lab
Introduction to Pandas Demo
Series, Data Frames Demo
Hands-on Exercises Lab
Topics – DS with Python
Day 3 Introduction to Numpy Demo
Explore Data Using Numpy Lab
Creating various graphs using Matplotlib Lab
Outlier Identification Demo
Simple Linear Regression Lab & Demo
Logistics Linear Regression Lab & Demo
Topics – DS with Python
Day 4 Introduction to Decision Trees Demo
Clustering Concepts Demo
K Means Clustering Demo
Introduction to Deep Learning Demo
Introduction to Text Mining Demo
Hands on exercises Lab


  • The trainer will provide slides deck
  • The trainer will share the lab demo practices and assignments

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